On April 30, 2022, voters in Caddo Parish will be asked to decide whether to use an existing millage to support critical needs vital to the operation of Caddo Parish Schools. 

The proposal would NOT increase taxes but would allow Caddo to continue to provide for basic district operations including:

  • Salaries and benefits for teachers and support staff

  • Maintenance and upkeep of district facilities 

  • Classroom technology

  • Curriculum and classroom resources

  • Maintenance and fuel for the district’s bus fleet

  • ADA compliance projects including restrooms, elevators, etc.

  • Upgrades of and repair to heating and air conditioning at schools and sites

Combined, these millages represent 47 percent of the district’s overall millages and provide more than $65 million in annual funding.

What is a millage?

A millage is a means of assessing a property tax.  One mill is equal to one-tenth of a cent.  It is important to note Caddo Schools is requesting to continue to use existing millages.  

How will the funds be used? 

These millages are used for the basic everyday operation of the school system including salaries and benefits for teachers and support staff as well as the overall functions of the district such as fuel for buses which transport on average 22,000 students daily, utility costs for school buildings, classroom technology for teachers and students, curriculum and resources, maintenance and upgrades to the district’s facilities which average in age of 75 years old.  would allow the district to update heating and air conditioning units at all schools throughout Caddo. While a vote to continue this millage would not increase taxes, it would allow the district to continue to address these vital needs for all schools.

What does it cost me?

For the average home in Caddo Parish, these mills cost taxpayers about $25 a month, but in turn provide for services for approximately 36,000 students and nearly 5,000 employees. 

Good Financial Stewards

  • Since 2003, Caddo Parish Schools has reduced tax rates by 14.3 percent 

  • The district has also refinanced funds 9 times resulting in a savings to taxpayers of over $7.3 million.

Election Day: April 30, 2022

Early Voting: April 16-23, 2022